Baseball and Softball Umpire Shirts, Umpire Pants, and Umpire Hats
Umpire Face Mask, Umpire Chest Protectors & Umpire Leg Guards

Wizard Sports offers a complete line of Diamond, Honigs & Pro Nine baseball and softball umpire gear and umpire shoes.  Our umpire gear includes umpire face masks, umpire chest protectors, and umpire leg guards.  Additional baseball umpire and softball umpire items include plate brushes, ball/strike indicators, umpire ball bags, umpire gear bags, umpire field shoes, hardened toe plate shoes, umpire shirts, umpire slacks, hats, jackets, umpire socks, umpire bags, and much more.   If more product information is needed please call us Toll Free at (877) 559-5425.  If there is a product that you need and do not see here, please ask for a Team Quote


Diamond DCP-iX3 CXTU Lightweight Umpires Chest Protector

  • Lightweight iX3 breathable technology
  • Custom fit with adjustable neck & deltoid pads, shoulder caps, and sizing straps.
  • CoolMax fabric for moisture management
  • Removable sizing plate
  • 10" body length
  • 14" body length (with sizing plate attached)
  • XL Waist Strap included for larger sizing
Part # WZ-CXTU Our Low Price $69.50

Diamond DLG-iX3 Umpire Leg Guards


  • Next generation vented iX3 light-weight padding
  • Floating middle knee means less straps to secure
  • Locking J-hooks to help prevent detachment during game
  • Removable toe extensions
  • Choose either 17 inch or 18.5 inch
Part # WZ-DLGIX3U Our Low Price $49.00

Diamond Edge Umpire Hockey Style Helmet

  • Lightweight impact-resistant shell
  • Durable extended wire frame
  • Multi-layer mesh covered comfort foam
  • Adjustable chin pad with Diamond Quik-Dry" technology
  • Drawstring nylon bag included with each helmet
  • Fits 7 - 7½

Part # WZ-DCHEDGE Our Low Price $79.00

Diamond DFM-iX3 Umpire Face Mask

  • Featherweight single bar design (Just 1lb!)
  • Diamond Quick-Dry chin pad
  • Extended U-bar to protect from foul balls
  • Unique low profile design offers wider field of vision
  • Choose Black or Silver
Part # WZ-DFMIX3U Our Low Price $59.00


  • iX3 CXTU Lightweight Umpires Chest Protector
  • iX3 Umpire Leg Guards - Choose 17 inch or 18.5 inch
  • iX3 Umpire Face Mask - Choose Black or Silver
Part # WZ-CXTUPKG Our Low Price $169.99
Leg Guard: Mask: 


  • iX3 CXTU Lightweight Umpires Chest Protector
  • iX3 Umpire Leg Guards - Choose 17 inch or 18.5 inch
  • Edge Hockey Style Umpire Face Mask 
Part # WZ-UPKG Our Low Price $189.99
Leg Guards: 

Diamond PI4 Umpire Indicator

  • Four function 
  • Lightweight Plastic
  • Display: 3 strikes, 4 balls, 3 outs, 9 innings


Part # WZ-PI4 Our Low Price $6.00

Diamond SI4 Umpire Indicator

  • Four function 
  • Stainless steel brushed finish   
  • Display: 3 strikes, 4 balls, 3 outs, 9 innings
Part # WZ-SI4 Our Low Price $8.00

Diamond Umpire Plate Brush

  • Solid Wood
  • Rugged Design
Part # WZ-UMPWD Our Low Price $6.00

Diamond 33" Deluxe Umpire Bag w/Wheels


  • Heavy-duty 1680 denier water resistant nylon fabric
  • Telescopic pull-handle Large, easy-rolling
  • Reinforced wheels
  • U-shaped top zipper to main compartment
  • Separate compartments for gear and clothes
  • Side and end zippered pockets
  • Shoe bag included
  • Dual carry handles with clasp
  • Dimensions: 33"L x 16"H x 15"W
Part # WZ-DLXUMP3 Our Low Price $149.00


The Reaction Pro Plate Lo umpire shoes are designed for the umpire who prefers maximum protection in a low profile design.  Made for the officiating professional with an eye on comfort and durability, the Reaction shoes have a wear-resistant, highly polished 100% genuine leather construction. These comfortable shoes have a lightweight, compression-molded EVA foam midsole that is specifically designed to reduce knee and joint stress associated with prolonged standing. The low profile design features a rugged, carbon-fiber plate backed by an impact-absorbing cushion that provides protection against the fastest thrown ball.      

*Low profile design
*Carbon fiber protective plate
*Impact-absorbing cushion
*100% leather construction
*All black styling
*EVA midsole
*Minimizes knee/joint/leg pain
Part # WZ-7345 Our Low Price $89.00


 With its wear-resistant, highly polishable, 100% genuine leather construction, the REACTION PRO PLATE MID is a great call for the officiating professional with an eye on comfort and protection — the legendary comfort of a 3N2 turf shoe and the protection of an impact-absorbing, rugged thermo-molded toe and carbon fiber plate. At only 18.7 ounces per shoe, it may be the lightest plated umpire shoe in the game. Its trademark midsole has been specifically designed to reduce the knee and joint stress associated with game-after-game action. Features the black on black color scheme umpires prefer and is designed to minimize dirt build-up for easy cleaning.

Part # WZ-7355 Our Low Price $99.00


A baseball traveling at 90 mph can deliver 2,400 lbs of force. Other cups on the market can reduce that impact to 450 lbs of force—still enough to cause serious injury. The NuttyBuddy™ protective cup has been proven in scientific tests to reduce that impact to just 110 lbs of force, which is within acceptable levels of impact.
A properly fitting cup shifts less, is more comfortable, and does not impede movement or performance. The unique, award-winning design of the NuttyBuddy™ protective cup more effectively and comfortably covers the male anatomy, while a full range of sizes will help you achieve a perfect custom fit.  The NuttyBuddy® athletic cup is like no other cup ever designed. 


" The most comfortable cup on the market

" Allows movement with ease

" Cradles the anatomy differently than other cups

" Cushioned edge for comfort and fit

" Vented for extra comfort


Because of the design, the NuttyBuddy® is worn with normal compression shorts and the provided jock. Do not wear a pouch or snap-in jock with the NuttyBuddy®.

Part # WZ-NB110 Our Low Price $25.00
Cup: Jock: 


  • 75% Polypropylene, 17% Nylon, 5% X-Static, 3% Lycra Spandex
  • X-static fiber for Ultimate Odor Control
  • Polypropylene yarns for superior moisture management
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Arch support channels for increased circulation
  • Color: Black
  • Sizes: 731/M (9-11), 731/L (10-13) 731/XL (13-16)
Part # WZ-PF731 Our Low Price $10.00


  • Performance Multi-Sport Polypropylene quarter
  • 55% Polypropylene, 45% Nylon
  • Half Cushion Foot
  • Polypropylene Yarns for superior moisture wicking and to provide bacteria/odor resistance
  • Double Welt Top for better stay up performance
  • Ankle Support promotes stability
  • Arch Support for better fit and increased circulation
  • Colors: Black or White
  • Sizes: MED (9-11), LARGE (10-13), XL (13-16)
Part # WZ-PF286 Our Low Price $7.00


  • Dalco's Major League Style shirt. 3-button front.
  • 100% Polyester mini-mesh, Left Chest Pocket.
  • Extended Tail and Over-sized across chest
  • Shirts are sized for use with inside chest protector. Order the next size down for bases.
  • Light Blue Shirt w/Light Blue-White-Navy knit collar and cuff
  • Navy Shirt w/Navy-White-Scarlet knit collar and cuff
  • Sizes: S-2XL
Part # WZ-D260 Our Low Price $29.00
Color: Size: 


 "Adjustisizer" buckle slider on either side is adjustable by a full 2' allowing a total of 4" range in the waist. For example, a size 36 will have a range of 34 through 38! And when you put a belt through the loops the slider is virtually hidden.


  • Featuring the ADJUSTIZER waist for a great fit!
  • Heather Gray with pleated front.
  • 100% wrinkle resistant machine washable polyester material.
  • Combo slacks offer extra room to accommodate your shin guards and protective cup, but aren't as full cut through the shins as a traditional plate pant.
  • Permanent crease front, crush-proof double hook eye closure, bar-tacked at stress points for durability.
  • Snug-Tex waistband, 1/4 top pocket, security tab on left rear pocket.
  • Even waist sizes from 30-42.  All with unfinished bottom length for you to hem to size.
  • Larger sizes available at extra cost.


Part # WZ-PEN3 Our Low Price $49.00
Waist Size: 


  • Genuine Leather
  • 1 ½" Wide
  • Black in Color
  • Sizes from 32" - 44"
Part # WZ-DB3505 Our Low Price $19.00


  • Wool blended fabric keeps you comfortable in warm weather.
  • Buckram lined front panels gives the professional look you desire.
  • 2 ½ inch Brim only.
  • Matching color under visor.
  • Available in either Black or Navy.
  • Sizes: Sm/Med (7 - 7 3/8)) or Med/Lg (7 1/4 - 7 3/4)
Part # WZ-K12 Our Low Price $12.00
Color: Size: 

Odor-Aid 14 Oz. Spray Bottle
Sports Equipment Disinfectant & Deodorizer Spray Bottle


Use Odor-Aid Sports Equipment Spray on any type of athletic equipment and beyond. This disinfectant is specially designed to kill bacteria and germs that cause infections and odors. Odor-Aid can also be used in the locker room, on gym equipment and is suitable for killing bacteria on many fiberglass, metal, plastic and vinyl surfaces.  Great for spraying on shoulder pads once a week.

Bacterial fighting properties

Odor-Aid is bactericidal according to the current AOAC Use Dilution Test Method; Fungicidal according to the AOAC Fungicidal Test Method; and virucidal according to the virucidal qualification modified in the presence of 5% organic serum against:


  • Psedamonas aeruginosa (pseudomonas)
  • Staphylococcus aureus (Staph)
  • Salmonella choleraeusuis (Salmonella)
  • Staphylococcus aureus Multi Drug Resistant
  • Staphylococcus aureus Vancomycin
  • Intermedate Resistant (VISA)
  • Strepococcus pyogenes (strep)
  • Vibrio cholerae


  • Herpes Simplex VirusTypes 1&2 (Herpes)
  • Influenza Type A / Brazil (Influenza)
  • Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)
  • Vaccinia (Pox Virus)
  • Avian Influenza


  • Trichophyton mentagrophytes (Athlete s Foot Fungus)
  • Asperigillus niger


For fungicidal activity: Disinfectant is an effective one-step fungicide against Trichophyton mentagrophytes when used on surfaces in areas such as locker rooms, dressing rooms and exercise facilities.  Great for shoulder pads.

For mold or mildew: Repeat treatment every 7 days or more often if new growth appears.Do not use on utensils, glassware or dishes.

Part # WZ-ODORAID Our Low Price $13.00